May 12, 2012

Have you ever been to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California?  

This panorama photo is the result of stitching together 16 separate photos.  To see the original, click on the above photo.  Hint, the original is flawed in several places but in this case, content trumps quality.

Cali Lillys growing wild at Natural Bridges State Park, Santa Cruz

Eucalyptus flowers, NB SP

A Rock Rose from a Cistus shurb in Natural Bridges SP  

What mushrooms do.

Fern hood

I can't resist shooting surfers.  The pros are especially good targets but even an amateur can show some style or lack of it.

If I am elected I promise no more Sea Gulls will end up in any soup.

Close up and personal, a macro shot of a wild flower, just for the fun of it and to see how it comes out.

Same same, this time I actually know this one, a wild Iris.

The Acorn Woodpecker,  easy to tell from the photo below.  They aren't storing the acorns for a rainy day but rather baiting insects to lay eggs in them so that later, they can come along and eat the grubs.

Just a pretty wild flower, according to my friends; a "Shooting Star."

A three colored Red Wing Black Bird in a mating posture.  There is a band of yellow below the red but not viewable at this angle.

An unlikely mating pair but this Mandarin duck was attracted to this hen Mallard much to the surprise and anguish of her regular paired mate.  He was very persistent and if it takes, it would be fun to see the baby male results. Like a sand painting after being hit by the wind.

Turtle soup?

A Red Eared Slider turtle.

Looking for a little nectar

Same flower, only panning back.  Take this link if you would like to see how much detail I can get from a flower out of a 21 mega pixel photo.

So, I was coming back from Henry Coe SP when I noticed a flock of vultures on the road ahead just as I got to Anderson Reservoir.  Upon slowing down to  discover what they were attracted to, I found this very sedate satiated Rattle Snake.  I was able to get very close with very little anxiety about becoming his next meal.  The vultures didn't come back so I am guessing whatever they had their eyes on, was now in the belly of the snake.  I can count 7 rattles, maybe 8.  I have had rattlers shake their tale at me.  This one couldn't even get the energy up to do that.  Maybe a little Cialis would help?

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