A day at Pismo Beach State Park

This kid doesn't even have a license to drive but he sure knows how to ride.

The campsite on Saturday evening.

The campsite on Sunday morning.

It's April first and, Jay my grandson says, "Hey Dad, we're flooded."  Dad says, "Right Jay, go back to sleep, I'm no April fool."  High tide was 5:30 AM so this water kind of snuck up on us while we were sleeping.  No damage done except for interrupting breakfast.  It was interesting getting unstuck from the sand.  It took two trucks for instance, to tow the trailer on the right out with all six wheels buried in sand.  You can see from the picture below, that the water was really shallow but came in quickly and left quickly taking what ever would float, with it.  We moved both trailers and all of our gear to a new camp site which was much higher and drier.  I had all of my camping boxes sitting on the sand.  They were floating but got hung up underneath the trailer.  Several of them got water inside so it wasn't totally benign.

My car and my son's truck.  Maybe I should have bought my fishing pole.

We had a lovely storm cloud sunset on Saturday night.

with wind swept waves.

Somebody discovered that if they lock up the brake on the front wheel and then spin the rear wheel, it will dig itself into the sand alleviating the need for using a kick stand that would have probably tipped over anyway.. It's weird visually as it appears to be just the wrong way to park a bike..  It is quick and effective but don't stand behind any bike being "parked."  ;=)

"So, do I run to the left or to the right or is he going stop or go in a different direction?  I'm so confused." ;=)

My son and Grandson, off to do some dune jumping.  

This park is actually Oceano Dunes located just South of the city of Pismo Beach.  It takes 15 plus minutes to drive from one end of the park beach to the other with a bridgeless creek crossing.  On Saturday during the rain, the creek crossing was about three to six inches deep.  On Sunday after the storm, it was scary deep about 12 to 18 inches and running very quickly.  Keep in mind that it only takes about 24" of water to float a car. Crossing the creek when it is this high is restricted to four wheel vehicles with high clearance.  My car was marginally qualified but since the park exit was on the other side of the creek crossing, I could either wait a week to exit the park or chance it.  I made quite a rooster tail as I gunned my car ~24' feet across it. This crossing is unsupervised and if you don't make it, all you can expect from the rangers is too have your TS card punched.  Email me if you don't understand what TS stands for.  I will tell you that it does not stand for Tough Sugar.

My Grandson Jay cooking up the sand.  "Go Jay!" 

This dog was the victim of firecrackers the night before.  You can now imagine that he is looking for the Perps so that he can reek revenge on their heels.  We did have a ranger come by while lighting the last "Safe and Sane" fountain.  He declined to speak to our leader but instead addressed our group starting off with, "I know that you are all aware that fireworks are illegal in this park and carries a $2000 fine."  We all responded in unison, "Really!" Fortunately, as other fireworks were going off in the distance, the ranger then lectured us on park closures and how difficult it continues to be to keep this park open and left us on that note, without actually issuing us a ticket.

This is the sign that my Grandson missed.  He crested a dune and immediately slammed into a deep crevice of sand.  He experienced the "sudden stop" syndrome with the bike folding over on top of him.  There was minor damage to the bike and rider but major damage to his ego as friends and family mercilessly replayed the scenario like a looped tape player.

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