A North Tahoe view, January 27

Kings Beach in North Tahoe as viewed from Lookout Rd. near Crystal Bay, Nevada.

On top of Ole Smokey, all covered in snow....   Amy, Grace and Grace's Mom, Ellen.

A local, using his knowledge of his private area, to swish down fresh unspoiled powder, multitasking while exercising his dog.

Making a course correction.

So, we donned our Snow Shoes and set out to hike a meadow, just below the summit of Mount Rose.  This is a free area (no ski lodge) so lots of virgin snow to tramp around in.  Snow!  Left side of photo is with Snow Shoes, right side of photo, how far I could jam my hiking sticks into the snow.  Probably another foot or more to go before hitting terra firma.  That judgement is from the fact that you can see the base of some trees so you can kind of get a feel for the depth.  On the other hand, this was before the huge storms passing through in February and March.  (Photos taken January 27)

My idea of having zero impact on the earth, floating on Snow Shoes way above Mother Earth.  Still the Mt. Rose Meadow area. 1/27

Just an abstract view at the top of an electrical pole. Sacramento, February 25

 A puzzle, locate this sign and you will be within two miles of my childhood home and all of my secret fishing holes.

Palo Alto, CA Bay Lands at low tide.  An epicurean delight, so claims the Avocet. March 7

It is difficult to imagine what nutrients are being harvested.  Like eating carrots after pulling them and not washing them, I suppose.

A very tiny copter.  Harrison Ford lived in Wyoming and flew rescue missions with his copter.  This copter looks more recreational then functional for any real purpose.  It still amazes me how the rotating blades appear to be stopped.  I was shooting at 1/1250 of a second.  If you look closely, you can notice how the focus is sharp at the hub and less so at the tips.  This is because the tips are moving at a considerably higher speed then the hub.

Yes, there is a nearby airport at the Baylands.  Don't fret, this photo is a consequence of cropping from a photo taken with my 400mm lens.  The plane was at least 3 or 4 hundred yards above me.

Now, shifting gears, a photo tour of San Luis Reservoir, Los Banos, CA.  I'm not sure if there are any bull's present or not in this photo of Tule Elk (Cervus canadensis nannodes).  This is a pretty nice harem for there not to be a bull.  The problem is, the horns are dropped after the mating season in early Winter.  A new pair is grown every year, so don't be distressed at not seeing a rack of antlers, another nice rack will reappear by mid-summer or so.  Taken at San Luis Reservoir, Los Banos, CA  (Face of dam in background)   These Elk are seen from a viewing area off of Basalt Rd. 37.050164, -121.061131  March 12.  Later that day, I observed them grazing within eye shot of Hwy 152.  Nobody, saw them except me.  Everybody else was too busy looking for the CHP while tooling along at 80+ MPH.  If 17 to Santa Cruz moved along at 80 MPH, it would eliminate congestion and also thin the herd out a little, lol.

Tule Elk are more then twice the size of our common Mule Deer that we are used to seeing in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They are also unique to only California.

The "Lone Oak" trail located in the Basalt area of San Luis Reservoir.  Yes, that is the infamous Oak with it's very own trail.

A Rock Wren (Salpinctes obsoletus) skipping along on a guess what? rock.

I thought it was a shore bird, at first blush.

And then, some snap dragonish looking bush prominent in this area.

From the rear SW end of the reservoir, looking towards the dam (the simulated horizon).  You all remember this is the San Luis Reservoir just West of Los Banos, right?  Funny thing, I heard a Spanish lady pronounce "Los Banos" and it really sounded melodic and pretty.  Who would have ever thought?  Every time I say it, I'm thinking "the bathroom" so it doesn't come out pretty or melodic at all.  From now on, I am going to think "pretty" when I say it.  Especially now that I have spent some time touring the town.  It is very clean, not even a piece of toilet paper in sight.  There was a place selling Mexican ice cream, only.  Also, a French restaurant off the beaten path that had a trove of locals swarming it.  Lots of thrift shops.  A flyer advertising the High School play, in a lot of store fronts.  Nice to see the merchants supporting the kids er I mean children, not baby goats.
Weather flag: Sunny, wind SW at five knots.

"Damn that head wind."  I'll give you extra credit if you can figure out where the "head" is.

So, I asked these fisherman if they were wishing or fishing, and they replied, "We are fishing, look in my ice box for the proof."  They did have a Striped Bass and it was the legal size as depicted above. With about six poles in the water, they were only 11 fish short of their daily limit.  (Wishing is when you are fishing and not catching.)

I had packed up, dumped my trailer waste, and was headed towards the park exit when this beauty came along.  An Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) willing to pose and show me some various sides. Taken at about 11:00 AM on San Luis Reservoir Fore Bay, March 13 Canon EOS5D Mark II, 100mm,1/1250sec, f/13, ISO 400, Tv mode

The "exchanging glances" pose. Canon EOS5D Mark II, 400mm,1/1250sec, f/13, ISO 400, Tv mode 

The "flight wings," pose. Canon EOS5D Mark II, 400mm,1/1250sec, f/14, ISO 400, Tv mode 

The "pouncing" pose.  Canon EOS5D Mark II, 400mm,1/1250sec, f/11, ISO 400, Tv mode (fixed exposure, variable f stop)


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