On the first of June, 2017, my Son's company; Commercial Tree Care of San Jose, was contracted by the City of San Jose to remove thirty plus dead Pine trees in a place called "Family Camp", San Jose.    Family Camp is located just a few miles West of Yosemite in the Sierra Nevadas.

These "dead" trees are victims of the infamous Pine Bark Beetle.  A PBB infection is disastrous and ultimately, kills the tree.  These are huge Pine trees, some being over 100' feet tall but with no sign of life.  The needles are dried up, a lot of the needles have fallen to the ground.  There may or may not be any PBB.

A PBB, of one variety

So, with a brand new crane purchase, the dead trees are extracted from sometimes precarious positions nestled in between tent cabins and other structures.

Super dry, very dead, tree.

The crane cable is attached to the top of the tree by a climber, who then descends down enough of the tree to select a cutting spot.

Tools of the trade being sharpened and gassed up.

Dead Wood!  None of the wood is allowed to be salvaged.  The Forest Service requires that all wood remains in the park boundary.

Being elevatored up to the tree top

The chipper, chipping away.

This one is a 24x36 canvas print


Serious saw dust dispenser.




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