I splurged on a Tamron SP150-600mm G2 lens.  My first surprise is at 5 pounds, it is 1.5 pounds heavier then my Canon 100-400mm lens.  I have difficulty holding my 400mm lens steady by hand, it may be a real challenge to hold a 600mm lens steady that is longer and heavier.  We shall see.  On Friday 6/9 I setup to study the use of my new lens at a place by Daly City, called Mussel Rock.

Lots of parachute/hang gliding going on.  The ocean breeze was marginal and some had difficulty launching as well as staying aloft.  Only about one out of ten shots of these gliders were sharp enough to process and publish.

Fully hand held and pointing almost straight up.  Not as sharp as I would like but acceptable to process and publish.  It was probably 3/4 mile to one mile high.  This is a cropped photo.

I took a dozen photos of this off shore island (called Mussel Rock), about a mile out.  None of them were sharp, this one was the best.  I rested the camera and lens on a stationary service box to minimize camera shake.  My consensus is, at 600mm I really need to use a shutter release to further reduce camera shake.

I wonder what the in-flight service is like,

This was a pleasant surprise, shot at 600mm

This one too.

Uncropped version.

Another macro shot at 600mm.  Amazing in that it has always been difficult to get a good macro shot with my 400mm lens but with this lens, WoW, easy peasy!

Another plane but further away.

I like the web of attachments which are probably used to snare unsuspecting Gu11s.

So, I'm going to be homeless for a whole month as I have rented my house out to a nice family from New Hampshire, for a whole month starting June 25th.  What does a homeless person do?  Why tour in my Casita, of course.  So stay tuned to the action right here as I attempt to dial in my new lens.  Where am I going?  I don't know. ;=)  Possibly the Northwest, I like the Northeast corner of California for instance.  Yellowstone is too crowded so probably not there.  Where would you like me to go so that you can live vicariously thorough my photos?


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